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Manifesting Positive Change

Welcome to the open Secret

Manifesting positive changing your life doesn’t mean you sit in one spot and meditate the day away. Or you wake up one morning and you’re a millionaire. Okay, sometimes that does happen. And people also get hit by lightning.  In order to make positive changes in your life you must live a life of intention.  Make your intentions known to the universe, be grateful, then go to work as if you already have it.

What do you desire?

Excellent Health

         Great Relationship

                    Incredible Wealth

What do you desire?

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  • Instagram
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I used the word desire, because it instantly evokes powerful emotions and that’s what you need to manifest positive change.  But you need to be careful about what you desire…  You know the old saying - a knife cuts both ways.

Heading 4

"My intention is to help you live your best life by giving you the tools and information to manifest positive changes in your finances, have great relationships, and be in the best health of your life."

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Manifesting positive change is a journey which has many paths. Not one path works for everyone. But one thing everyone needs to do is be grateful, keep love and laughter in your heart, and live your life with intention. Hey, you might get lucky and manifest millions!

So what is  the open Secret to manifesting a positive change? It's your thoughts and desires become the things you want.