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Manifesting good health is easy

Two tools that help you manifest good health

A journal and fitness tracker watches are two tools which help you manifest good health at any age.

One, a journal is used to write down your intentions, but to keep track of the following:

  • Your health mantras

  • Track your food

  • Track your exercise and fitness goals

  • Write down how you’re feeling after you eat, which foods makes your body feel good and gives you energy, which foods are makes your body feel sluggish and cause brain fog

  • Track how you’re sleeping

  • Journal how your body is changing- your blood pressure, waistline, and body mass. Not necessarily your weight. Remember muscle is heavier than fat.

Fitness Tracker

The second tool is a fitness tracker/watch. The watch will be a constant reminder on your arm of your goals is to be fit and healthy. It’s also another message to the universe that you are serious about your health. This action will help speed up the manifestation of good fitness and health.

The benefits of fitness tracker:

1. It motivates you daily to workout - fitness trackers are the visual progress. It can show you how many calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve taken during the day, and how long you’ve been active.

2. It helps you set goals - fitness goals are the best way to achieve the body and health you desire. Using a fitness tracker, you can determine your daily progress as you work towards those goals. Also, when you visually see your progress it gives you the daily motivation to keep working to achieve these goals. That way, you’re moving forward with every workout.

3. It encourages healthy eating habits - Fitness trackers can track more than your workouts. Some can log your food and water intake. Remember, nutrition is just as important as working out when trying to achieve your goals.

4. It tracks your sleep – It is recommended adult get at least seven hours of sleep. Trackers can help monitor your sleep, so make healthier choices to improve your sleep over time.

5. It can monitor your heart rate – you can also measure your pulse and heart rate. That way, you can also measure the intensity of your workout in order to make sure you’re not overdoing it.

6. Accountable - lastly, a fitness tracker will keep you accountable. The fitness tracker will remind you every day to get in that physical activity. If you get busy or simply forget, a reminder from your tracker will get you back on track.

I’ve worn a fitness tracker for years. When COVID19 hit I stopped wearing mine. I put on 15 pounds. A few weeks ago, I put it back on and I’m slowly shedding the pounds.

Remember no two bodies are alike, and your fitness goals and desires are also different, so using tools will help you customize your goals. It will also help manifest your goals easily and faster.

Lastly, make manifesting the body you desire fun, good vibrations manifest good outcomes.

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