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Manifesting wealth is fun and easy

Updated: Jun 12, 2022


My goal with the wealth blogs is to bring you tools and information to help you manifest wealth. Manifesting wealth requires consistency and knowledge. Because sometimes we do not know what we do not know. Set goals and seek out ways to build wealth, and the ways to build wealth will be revealed to you.

How to easily manifest wealth

To manifest wealth, you need to determine what wealth is to you. No one can answer that question for you. Visualize your wealthy lifestyle. Determine how much money you desire, per week, per month; frequency does not matter as much. Because people get paid weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly it is all good as long as the money is in the bank. Once you have determined what wealth means, you need to get the tools that can help you get organized and put you on the track to success.

I have got money on my mind.

You need to determine how you're going to make your money. What are your revenue streams? You need to have a minimum of three. Examples of revenue streams are jobs, retirement accounts or pension plans, and savings. These are traditional revenue streams.

In order to manifest money, you need to surround yourself with money-making information and opportunities, books, blogs, websites, people money-making, wealth building knowledge. Smell money. Keep money in your purse or wallet.

To manifest wealth, you must feel that you are already wealthy. In other words, act as if you are rich. Be grateful and affirm your wealth often with mantras and declarations of gratitude. “I’m so wealthy I can easily afford to send my children to college. Or “I’m so wealthy I do not worry about my health insurance premiums. I am so grateful that I can afford to have a boat and a vacation home. Write down whatever you feel is right for you. A good mantra is “money comes easily and frequently.” Or “I’m a money-making machine.” Your mantras and declaration of gratitude might feel silly, strange, or bravadoes initially, but keep doing it until they become a natural part of your everyday life.

Journaling/scripting and visualizing are fun.

Feeling grateful for the positive things in your life will help you manifest wealth faster. Write about your wealthy life. I know it may make you feel silly at first. But to bring the unseen to the seen (manifest), you need to use the two tools at your disposal. Your pen and your imagination. It would help if you signaled to the universe that it was time for it to create your vision for your wealthy life.

Make sure you are working on removing your limiting beliefs, and emotions like only bad people have money. Or you do not deserve to have all the money you desire. No one in my family ever had much money. I am lucky to have a job. That comment is about fear, not gratitude. Fear is a limiting emotion.

Manifesting money can be easy and fun!

Manifesting money can be fun and easy but requires focus and positive energy. Remember, money flows where your attention goes. Focus on money and wealth. Of course, pay your bills. Put enough money in one bank account to pay all your bills and focus on generating wealth-building deposits.

Do not operate your life from the mindset of lack. Operate your life filled with abundance. I am so happy and grateful that I have more than enough money. I have so much money. I will start a foundation, contribute to a charity, or turn more to my church. Do whatever you want to do with your money. It is your money, and you deserve every penny.

Erase or delete limiting belief words

Erase or delete limiting belief words from your vocabulary because it blocks manifesting wealth and abundance. The comments like “I can’t afford that” – are a limiting belief. When you say I cannot, the universe says, " Okay, you cannot. Believe you can afford anything you want.

Below is a list of limiting belief words and words you should use instead.

“Money is the root of all evil and ”replace with “Money is a means to do good in my life and help others.”

“More money, more problems,” replace with “More money, more options in all aspects of my life.

“Money can’t buy me happiness,” replaced. with “Money allows freedom to do things that will improve the quality of my life

“I can not control if I become wealthy or not” replace with “I manifest the life I want with persistent actions to make it how I desire it to be”

“I have to work hard for the money” replace with “money comes easily because I love what I do, and I solve problems for others.”

“It’s not right to be rich when others are so poor” replace with “I can do more for others when I am wealthy than when I’m broke.”

Manifesting wealth is no different from manifesting anything else you desire in your life. Take time every day to journal, visualize (dream), and meditate.

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