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The person in the mirror

How to manifest a positive relationship

There are several types of relationships. In this post I am focusing on romantic relationships, however, this information will help you in all types of relationships.

The most important relationship

The first relationship you need to be concerned with is the relationship with yourself.Check in with yourself. Look in the mirror. Do you like, no scratch that, do you love the person looking back at you? Would you want to spend a lot of time with this person in the mirror? Would you love to wake up to this person? Do you have mommy or daddy issues? You want to be a person that loves themselves and understand all of their issues. Are you willing to reveal some secrets about yourself to another person? I said some. Sometimes we share too much. I am thinking along the lines of your Facebook password or at least add to friends list. Are you the person that realizes that we all have baggage, but knows when to put the baggage down and put it in the closet? When you are in love yourself and accept and yes, sometimes laugh at your flaws; you are ready to begin the journey of manifesting someone to enter into a serious relationship.

Understand your personality by Journaling/Scripting

Journaling/scripting is an excellent way to learn about yourself. Your likes and dislikes. When you look into the mirror do you like what you see? Do you know your core and limiting beliefs? Do you have a cheating heart, so you do not mine if you mate cheats or your friends cheat? You know what they say, birds of a feather, flock together. In other words, like spirits attracts like spirits. Do you have a kind and giving heart or too giving? Do you know your trigger words or actions? Do you have boundaries? Are you basically an honest person? No one is totally honest; if they say they are, their lying. Are you are a person of integrity? I know this seems like a lot, but it is important to understand who you are – including the horny and hormonal you. Do you like spending time with just you? Do you love the person sitting alone in the quiet place? Because like attracts like. And your unspoken thoughts to yourself about yourself positive or negative will attract your mate which will bring out the best and worst of you. They will also bring into your life happiness or frustrations.

One Way to identify your core beliefs. – the heart knows

I had a friend that had a cheating heart. So, when she wanted to talk about her affairs I would uncomfortably laugh and be encouraging on the surface, but I would get this weird feeling in my heart or it would feel like a gut poke. I did not completely understand it at the time that she was violating one of my core beliefs. I would mention karma to her (what goes around comes around), because she said she wanted a committed relationship, however, she quickly dismissed it. I do not like cheaters. Especially cheaters, that seemingly take pleasure from ruining someone else’s relationship. Another one of my core beliefs is be kind and supportive. In this case I was being supportive and kind to the wrong person. The friendship needed to end because, I was manifesting cheating heart men. Keep in mind – Birds of a feathers flock together. Just make sure you are flying with the right birds. So, what core beliefs is your heart and/or gut is telling you, that you are violating?

A Spiritual Journey

So, before you go out to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Sit with yourself in the quietest place possible. Have an honest conversation with yourself for 30 to 90 days. Take about 10 to 60 minutes a day and just write. A spiritual cleanse. During this time journal about you and your day. Journal and visualize about yourself. How you feel about yourself and how you are the perfect mate for someone because…. (you fill in the blank) What you did today that made you happy and grateful, because you want to manifest more of that positive feelings? Be grateful and meditate. This journey will help you identify areas of strength and areas that needs improvement. The most beneficial reason for this exercise you now know who you are and the changes that you might need to make to become the person you want to be. Or now you at least know the type of mate you need to manifest into your life.

After you have finished your spiritual cleanse check in with yourself every day. It can be in the shower, on your way to work, when you are using the bathroom or cooking dinner. First thing in the morning and last thing at night. Internally or out loud ask yourself how you are feeling. Ask yourself what I am grateful for. “I am happy and grateful for … (you fill in the blank) Remember you are number one.

Once you have researched what makes you tick, meditated, and journaled for at least 30 days to 90 days the longer the better, and is in love with the person in the mirror, now you are ready to manifest a positive loving relationship.

Here are tools to get to know who you really are. These quizzes can be fun.

Take a love language quiz; It can be a useful tool.

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Identifying Core Beliefs

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