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Step 1 - Self Love

How to manifest a loving relationship? 

There’s nothing more attractive than a person that walks in their truth, knows their beliefs, and vibrates positive energy.  If you don’t like yourself, you will manifest or attract miserable, critical people and be easily convinced or manipulated to violate your core beliefs. This will eventually cause conflicts and drama and lower your vibration. Look in the mirror and make sure you love the person looking back at you.

Manifesting Relationships

Couple in Woods
A Date in the Forest





Steps to manifest a positive relationship

1)  Get clear on what type of person you want to attract into your life.

If it’s a relationship you want, make sure the person you want to attract is clear in your mind and be as specific as possible. (we will use this as the example throughout these steps), highlight what you want in your partner (e.g., kind, sexy, intelligent, wealthy), as well as how being in that relationship will make you feel (e.g., loved, safe, special).  What are your partner’s physical attributes? I realize that seems petty, but attraction and body chemistry cannot be ignored. Your relationship criteria are a guide, not necessarily carved in stone. The universe has a way of throwing a curve ball.  Because even in relationships, you don’t know what you don’t know. This is a great time to start writing a list. Manifesting is about conjuring a theoretical into something tangible and real. Writing it out helps you understand what you want and sends a crystal-clear memo to the universal field, where all possibilities are for the taking.

2)  Align your belief system to be in total agreement with what you’re wanting.

Make sure there’s no conflict around what it is you want. Is there some part of you that likes the bad-boy drama or feels unworthy of love and someone being emotionally available? Notice that discrepancy within, and be clear with yourself that you’re now ready for a new experience around love and partnership.

Assert this to yourself daily through affirmations such as: “I am ready for a big love story in my life, and I’m letting go of anything in me that doesn’t resonate with love, healing, true compatibility, and deep intimacy.” This is where you meet the Universe halfway.

3) Know that you’re worthy of a fantastic relationship.

Remind yourself of all the good you already are, all the good you already have, and the good you can bring into your partner’s life.  You’re coming from a place of wholeness and worthiness, not lack and neediness. You are loved and supported by the Universe. Come from this place of power and connection. Get quiet. Meditate to put yourself in an open, still state, or doing conscious rounds of deep, intentional breathing will bring you into presence, so you’re firing on all focused cylinders to manifest or attract that fantastic relationship.

4) Conjure it up on the mind’s inner screen.

See yourself with all the glorious details in your fabulous relationship, laughing, holding hands, making dinner, or walking the beach together—whatever symbolizes the epitome of relationship bliss to you. The key is to add as many details to the vision as possible: sights, sounds, smells, and feelings. Feel the joy of that connection, the freedom, safety, and love you have with that person. Focus on the feelings this connection conjures in you. Getting caught in the details of their physical appearance can place blocks on it, and asking for “tall, dark, and handsome” might bring you a gorgeous jerk … again. So, stay with the quality of the relationship and the depth of emotions between you.

5) Feel an inner knowing that it’s on its way to you.

Feel in your bones that what you’ve just experienced in the visioning is coming down the pipeline. Become willing to give up knowing the timing of how and when it gets here. And because you know for sure it is indeed coming, you can now let go of the obsession of wanting it and the restlessness of needing it. You affirm your gratitude for what’s imminently on its way to you. You detach from trying to control or manage the details around it. You surrender it all to the intelligent Universe that knows you and knows how to deliver it at the perfect time, in an ideal way.

6) And then repeat all the above steps daily.

Breathe. Get centered. Conjure the vision with all its visceral details. Feel all the powerful feelings it evokes in you, then express gratitude for it, knowing it’s coming. And then let it go to the Universe and go to work.

7) Take action in your daily life to prepare for your new relationship.

Another way to attract the person of your dreams is to do your part and meet the Universe halfway. In sticking with the relationship analogy, stop dating people who don’t align with you and your beliefs about a healthy relationship. Break up with the person you’re staying with because you’re scared to be alone. Take that leap of faith that affirms you believe it’s real. And then take positive steps like joining a dating app or going to places you enjoy because that will raise your vibrational energy. This intern will give the Universe an opportunity or context to deliver him or her to you. This is called doing the footwork.

8) Trust that it’s happening.

When the mind goes back over the desire and the ego wants to hustle to get it done on its own, shift out of that mindset. Remember your intention: you are manifesting your dream relationship through the quantum field—energetically—instead of self-will. Keep the vibration high. Keep doing your affirmations or looking at your list as reminders that what you know is sorting itself out and finding its way to you. So, relax, make small life changes, and marvel when the universe delivers your desired relationship.

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